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Our Teams

CEO, Founder | Lisa Sakashita

M. S. degree from department of Physics, the University of Tokyo. B. S. degree from department of Physics, Tokyo University of Science. Her career includes: Nomura Securities, Co., Ltd. (analyst, Investment Banking division.), Bloomberg LLP (data analyst), Ginza Galleries (International Public Relations/Overseas Project Integration) and Linkers Corporation (Managing Executive Officer). At Linkers Corporation, a start-up company in the technology matching service industry, she won MVP for top sales.

CTO, Founder | Michika Onoda

B. S. and M. S. degree from faculty of Materials Engineering, the University of Tokyo (Top Graduate, Dean’s Award). He is currently attending the Ph. D. course at Yoshida lab, faculty of Materials Engineering, Department of Engineering, the University of Tokyo.
Under the supervision of Prof. Yoshida, he is engaged in research on functional polymers, biomaterials, biomimetics, and non-linear non-equilibrium chemistry.
He was awarded the University of Tokyo President’s Award on his research about artificial amoeba utilizing polymeric fluids. In his career, he won more than ten awards at domestic and international conferences including Royal Society of Chemistry Soft Matter Award.
In addition to his research, he established science media and works as a writer collaborating with

Technology Director | Akihiro Eguchi

B. S. degree from faculty of Chemistry and Biotechnology Engineering, the University of Tokyo. He is currently attending the master course at Nagamune lab., faculty of Chemistry and Biotechnology Engineering, Department of Engineering, the University of Tokyo.
Under the supervision of Prof. Nagamune, he is engaged in research on biotechnology such as cell and protein engineering, and developing a system to detect protein-protein interaction utilizing a cell fate and signaling. In this work, he was awarded Best Oral Presentation Award at The 29th Annual and International Meeting of the Japanese Association for Animal Cell Technology (JAACT 2016).

Member of the Board | Koji Nakao

Corporate adviser of Terumo Corporation, Chairman of The Japan Federation of Medical Devices Associations, Chairman of Medical Technology Association of Japan, Director of The Japan Association for Medtech Innovation

Graduated from Keio University, Joined Terumo Corporation in 1970. He became CEO and Chairman of Terumo in 2011.

Member of the Board | Mayuko Shuto

B.L. Degere from Keio University, MBA from Stanford University. She is working in corporate strategy function at a major manufacturing company. She has previously worked as an equity analyst at European investment bank and as a consultant at an American strategic consulting firm.

Collaborator | T. Nagamune lab., the Univ. of Tokyo

The target of the research group is to invent applications in the field of medical engineering by applying gene engineering, protein engineering, enzyme engineering, etc to biomolecules such as cells or proteins.

Teruyuki Nagamune, Ph. D.

B. S., M. S., and Ph. D. degree from school of Chemical Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology in 1973, 1975, and 1985. His career includes: RIKEN (Research Scientist from 1977), University of Illinois (Visiting Researcher from 1988), RIKEN (Vice Senior Research Scientist from 1992), the University of Tokyo (Professor from 1993). Dr. Nagamune is the winner of the 25th Ichimura Award (1993), The SCEJ Award (Tamaki Medal) (2002), Ichimura Prize, IUPAC Fellow on Biotechnology, The SCEJ Award (Ikeda Medal) (2014), etc.

Collaborator | Norio Omagari M.D., M.Sc., Ph.D

National Center for Global Health and Medicine
Desease Control and Prevention Center


DBJ Women Entrepreneurs Prize, 6th DBJ New Business Plan Competition for Women Entrepreneurs

第6回DBJ女性新ビジネスプランコンペティションにて、DBJ女性起業優秀賞を受賞しました DBJ女性新ビジネスプランコンペティションは、日本政策投資銀行(DBJ)が執り行う、「革新性や事業性に優れ、発展可能性の高い新ビジネスを対象に行われる、ビジネスプランコンペティション」です。 詳細は日本政策投資銀行のプレスリリースをご覧ください。         2 3 4 5 7

Grand Prize, Bayer Innovation Connetion 2016

バイエル イノベーション コネクション 2016第 2 回 Grants4Apps Tokyoにて、大賞を受賞しました Grants4Apps Tokyo 2016は、革新的なデジタルヘルステクノロジーを支援するバイエル薬品のオープンイノベーションプログラムです。今回は「ベターライフのための革新的なモニタリングソリューション」をテーマに開催され、ナノティス株式会社の提案したインフルエンザ迅速検診システムが大賞を受賞しました。 詳細はバイエル社のプレスリリースをご覧ください。           1 2 3 4 5

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バイエル薬品が主催するオープンイノベーションプログラム「Grants4Apps Tokyo」にて大賞を受賞しました


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