What is "Nanotis"?

The NANOTIS Method, a next-generation digital inspection technology for infectious diseases

Available for a wide range of viruses, including COVID-19 and influenza viruses

High sensitivity

With Saliva

3 minutes

No expertise required



CEO, Founder | Lisa Sakashita

M. S. degree from department of Physics, the University of Tokyo. B. S. degree from department of Physics, Tokyo University of Science. Her career includes: Nomura Securities, Co., Ltd. (analyst, Investment Banking division.), Bloomberg LLP (data analyst), Ginza Galleries (International Public Relations/Overseas Project Integration) and Linkers Corporation (Managing Executive Officer). At Linkers Corporation, a start-up company in the technology matching service industry, she won MVP for top sales.

CTO | Jinsei Miyazaki

B. E., and M. E. degree from Faculty of Technology, Kyoto University.
Gust scientist of Max-Planck Institute of Bio-Physical Chemistry in 1989-1991.
1981: Joined Matsushita Electric Industries (Panasonic, as of now) and consistently kept cultivating new technology fields including immuno-chemical sensing. 2002: Established tele-healthcare based joint venture, Viterion LLC, in NY USA, and served as CTO. After return back to Japan in 2006, managed variety of medical equipments as the GM of engineering group, AA-SBU Panasonic Healthcare Co. Ltd. Transferred to Meiji Seika Pharma according to the assignment of laser technology of Photodynamic therapy against cancers in 2015.

Director of Corporate Strategy| Hajime Seki

MBA from HEC Paris, Ph.D. in Chemistry from University of Minnesota, B.S. in Chemistry from Keio University. Upon receiving his degree in the U.S., he worked in chemical biology at The Scripps Research Institute. He then returned to Japan and engaged in drug discovery research at a pharmaceutical company. His interest in business led him to obtain an MBA in France, after which he joined a consulting firm, where he led projects such as opportunity assessment, market research, and licensing for global pharmaceutical and medical device companies. Drawn by the societal impact and technological promise, he became a part of Nanotis corporation in 2023.

Technology Director | Naoyuki Sekioka

Ph.D. degree from Pure and Applied Sciences, University of Tsukuba. Visiting Researcher, Nihon University during 2012-2018. In 2009, he joined a manufacturer specializing in clinical laboratory analyzers and worked on the development of biosensors and related equipment. In 2021, he became the development group leader and continued to oversee new product development of clinical laboratory analyzers. He resonated with Nanotis’ vision of achieving highly-sensitive and rapid testing, and in 2022, he joined as a Technology Director.

Member of the Board | Toshiaki Masuda

Managing Director of Nipro Corporation Medical Technology Division for Planning,Development & Marketing; Research &Development Center

Joined Nipro Corporation in 1975. Assumed his current position in 2022 after working as General Manager of Dialysis Product Sales Department, General Manager of Product Development Sales Department, Managing Director and General Manager of Research Institute.

Scientific Founder | Michika Onoda Ph.D.

Dr. Michika Onoda is a Postdoctoral Researcher at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

He received a Ph. D. degree from faculty of Materials Engineering, the University of Tokyo (Top Graduate, President’s Award). His career includes JSPS Research Fellow DC1 (2016), Visiting Researcher at University of Minnesota (2017), JSPS Superlative Postdoctoral Fellow at Nagoya University (2019 to present), and Postdoctoral Researcher at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2019 to present).

The target of his research is to create novel functional polymeric materials, especially in the field of the polymer gel. In his career, he won more than eighteen awards at national and international conferences including the University of Tokyo President’s Award for the outstanding research about artificial amoeba utilizing polymeric fluids. In addition

Technical Advisor | Teruyuki Nagamune, Ph. D.

B. S., M. S., and Ph. D. degree from school of Chemical Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology in 1973, 1975, and 1985. His career includes: RIKEN (Research Scientist from 1977), University of Illinois (Visiting Researcher from 1988), RIKEN (Vice Senior Research Scientist from 1992), the University of Tokyo (Professor from 1993). Dr. Nagamune is the winner of the 25th Ichimura Award (1993), The SCEJ Award (Tamaki Medal) (2002), Ichimura Prize, IUPAC Fellow on Biotechnology, The SCEJ Award (Ikeda Medal) (2014), etc.

Collaborator | Yoshida-Akimoto lab., the Univ. of Tokyo

Ryo Yoshida, Ph. D.

Dr. Ryo Yoshida is a full professor at The University of Tokyo. He received a Ph.D. degree in chemical engineering in 1993 from Waseda University, Japan. He was a research associate at Tokyo Women’s Medical University in 1993, a researcher at the National Institute of Materials and Chemical Research from 1994–1997, and an assistant professor at University of Tukuba from 1997–2000. In 2001, he moved to The University of Tokyo as an associate professor and became a full professor in 2012. He won the Society of Polymer Science, Japan Wiley Award in 2009.


We have been selected for MedTech Innovator Asia Pacific 2024 Accelerator Cohort Program

We have been selected for MedTech Innovator Asia Pacific 2024 Accelerator Cohort Program. See more



We have been selected for MedTech Innovator Asia Pacific 2024 Accelerator Cohort Program.See more



Started a collaborative research with the Influenza Virus Research Center at the National Institute of Infectious Diseases



Raised from Niporo Corporetion. See more



We have raised funds in the pre seed finance to accelerate the development of next-generation infection testing devices. See more



We have received funding from Taisho Pharmaceutical for R&D of rapid diagnostic devices. See more



We raised ¥45M from Shizuoka Capital, Hamamatsu Photonics, and individual investors. See more



Commenced a joint research project with Yoshida-Akimoto Laboratory of the Department of Materials Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, University of Tokyo.



Our CEO, Lisa Sakashita received the DBJ Outstanding Woman Entrepreneur Award at the "6th Woman Entrepreneurs New Business Plan Competition" hosted by Development Bank of Japan (DBJ). See more



Adopted for the 4th ASAC program, an acceleration program provided by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and Deloitte Tomatsu Venture Support.



Highlighted in the April 26 issue of The Japan Times.



Highlighted in the February 18 issue of Weekly Toyo Keizai.



Commenced a joint research project with Nagamune Laboratory of the Department of Chemistry & Biotechnology, Graduate School of Engineering, University of Tokyo.



Highlighted in the February issue of Monthly PROJECT DESIGN.



Highlighted in Nikkei Digital Health.



Received a grand prize at Grants4Apps Tokyo, an open innovation program hosted by Bayer Yakuhin. See more





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